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Storm Trade is the first decentralised derivatives trading platform on Telegram, built on the TON blockchain and allowing trading with leverage up to x50. With direct integration into Telegram and Social-Fi mechanics, Storm is poised to attract the next 10 million DeFi users.

Storm is available for use from the web app and from the Telegram bot.

Key features

  • Expanded trading capabilities: Leverage up to x50, instant price updates, cryptocurrency trading pairs with collateral in TON and USDT.

  • Social-Fi Mechanics: Direct Telegram integration, squad trading tournaments, NFT collection, copytrading and other viral mechanics for better community engagement.

  • Comfortable interface: Familiar interface in the best traditions of trading DEXs with TradingView chart.

  • Security: Full decentralisation and advanced security protocols to keep your funds safe.

Long-term vision & future updates

Storm Trade aims to develop Social-Fi trading mechanics to become the most fun and easily accessible trading platform right on Telegram. What's in store for us in future updates?

  • Launch of STORM token

  • Social-Fi, trading tournaments, deep Telegram integration, squads

  • Adding a variety of trading pairs

  • Decentralised Execution Network

  • Cross margined futures

  • Global partnerships

  • Improved risk management

  • 1-click trading

  • Gaseless trading

  • Copytrading

  • Prediction Markets

  • Storm Ambassadors Programme

Telegram integration

Storm Trade is seamlessly integrated into the Telegram ecosystem, allowing users to tap into its capabilities directly from their Telegram Web App (TWA). This integration enhances the user convenience and fluidity in trading, eliminating the need to switch between platforms. It also empowers Storm Trade to leverage Telegram's secure messaging infrastructure and user-friendly interface. Enjoy real-time notifications, direct access to the Telegram wallet, and the added benefit of rewards for traders and liquidity providers.

⚡ Storm Trade: Your Next-Gen Trading Solution

Storm Trade has two tokens at its core: SLP and STORM:

  • SLP is a liquidity provision token that is minted at the moment when the user replenishes liquidity and is burned at the moment when the user withdraws liquidity from the protocol.

  • STORM is the platform's deflationary utility token, participating in reduced trading fees, payment of protocol fees, access to the private community, and rewards for active ambassadors.

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