🪂Testnet Rewards (Сompleted)

We're a community driven towards prosperity and beauty. To elevate your trading experience and set us apart as a leading perpetual DEX, we're excited to introduce the STORM Airdrop, a limited-time opportunity designed to empower you and reward your engagement. By participating in Testnet and becoming an early bird adopter, you are eligible for an airdrop of STORM.

Your Gateway to STORM Tokens

Our mission is simple: we want you to thrive while trading on Storm. To achieve this, follow our quests and tasks on Community Bot.

Amplify Your Experience with STORM

Participate and excel in any of the following tasks to earn valuable STORM tokens. The more tasks you conquer, the greater your share of the airdrop.

Unleash Your Technical Prowess

Engage with our platform like never before:

  • Follow Us on Telegram

  • Bug Bounty

  • Explore Storm

Be a Content Creator

Make your voice heard and earn tokens in the process:

  • Share on Telegram

  • Share on X

  • Educational Threads

  • Storm Memes

  • Create a Video

Trade Your Way to the Top

Prove your trading prowess and earn tokens based on your performance:

  • Weekly Trading Leaderboard

  • Second Place

  • Third Place

  • Top 10

Act Now and Earn Your Share!

Don't miss out on this incredible opportunity to engage with Storm, earn valuable tokens, and take your trading experience to the next level.

The tokens will be distributed right after TGE. They can be staked right away, earning you some nice APR. Good Luck!

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