Storm Exchange Introduction

Storm Trade is a decentralized, liquidity-efficient and user-friendly perpetuals trading platform designed for the TON community. Our platform offers a diverse range of synthetic assets, including popular cryptocurrencies, FOREX, Equity and precious metals. Unlike traditional on-chain platforms, Storm offers incredible ease of onboarding, deep Telegram integration and exceptional customer support.

The platform revolves around the utility token (STORM), it's escrowed version (eSTORM) and NFT utility tokens (NFTs). STORM and the NFTs are designed to be used within the platform (utility) and to allow ownership of the protocol through revenue capture & governance. This includes STORM holders receiving platform fees through staking, and NFT holders getting reduced fees, as well as the ability to run Keeper bots that execute limit orders and liquidations.

We do not guarantee price appreciation or depreciation in the future, nor do we promise any development of the project compared to its current state, and if you purchase the token or NFTs, you do so at your own risk.

Long-term Vision

  1. Storm becomes the most widely adopted decentralized leveraged trading platform due through access to millions of Telegram users.

  2. Storm becomes a DAO governed by the STORM token.

  3. Its only goal is to create great DeFi products that generate revenue that can be distributed in a STORM staking pool.

  4. Storm launches new products such as spot trading, options, and more.

Telegram Integration

Storm Trade is seamlessly integrated into the Telegram ecosystem, allowing users to tap into its capabilities directly from their Telegram Web App (TWA). This integration enhances the user convenience and fluidity in trading, eliminating the need to switch between platforms. It also empowers Storm Trade to leverage Telegram's secure messaging infrastructure and user-friendly interface. Enjoy real-time notifications, direct access to the Telegram wallet, and the added benefit of rewards for traders and liquidity providers.

Key Features

  • Trade a variety of synthetic assets with a high leverage (up to x100).

  • Use Telegram Web Application or classic Web Application

  • Continuously expanding asset offerings

  • Earn via liquidity provision

  • Win prizes in trading competitions.

  • Enjoy safety of self-custody of assets.

  • Decentralization at Core: Your Assets, Your Rules.

⚡ Storm Exchange: Your Next-Gen Trading Solution.

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