Storm Trade offers a range of advanced trading features designed to enhance the trading experience for users of all levels. With a focus on isolated margin trading and deep liquidity, Storm provides a secure and efficient platform for traders to engage in the exciting world of decentralized trading.

Isolated Margin Trading

At Storm, we aim at providing the most secure trading environment ever. We use isolated margin trading, a widely recognized industry standard in DeFi. It allows traders to isolate and ring-fence the margin they allocate to a specific position or trade. Essentially, it separates the margin for a particular position from the trader's overall account balance. This segregation ensures that losses incurred in one isolated margin position do not impact the trader's entire account, providing a safeguard against catastrophic losses.

Isolated margin mitigates overall account balance risk while maintaining the benefits of non-custodial trading.

Diverse Asset Selection

Storm supports a variety of assets, including Crypto, Forex, Equity and Precious Metals. These assets are derived from custom price feeds, ensuring accurate and reliable market data. With an expanding range of asset pairs, Storm responds to community demand by continuously adding new trading options.

At the first stage of the launch, traders will have access to the most popular pairs: TON\USD, BTC\USD, ETH\USD. As the liquidity provided in Vault grows, the list of pairs will be expanded, as well as volume limits for existing trading pairs.

With its wide variety of trading pairs, Storm offers traders a secure, efficient, and versatile platform to engage in decentralized trading across a diverse range of assets. Whether you're a seasoned trader or a newcomer to the world of trading, Storm has the tools and features to support your trading journey.

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