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Note, that the token itself hasn't been launched yet. This article describes future detail on how the token is going to work. For more information about launch plans please refer to Launch Plan


STORM is a utility token for Storm Trade. It acts as a mechanism of incentivization of both trading and liquidity provision which helps us to offer the best trading experience - as well as returns for those participating in the ecosystem.
  • It supports increasing trading volumes with Trade-to-earn reward program for traders
  • It supports increasing liquidity volumes with guaranteed APR reward program for liquidity providers
  • Non-inflationary mechanics ensures that people supporting the community early on will not have the percentage of their platform interest diluted by a large whale in future - it gives an equal playing field to community support
  • It captures 30% of protocol revenue providing direct utility for stakers
  • It is going to be one of the main ways to govern the protocol

Token Info

  • Token Symbol: STORM
  • Total Supply: 1,000,000 STORM
  • Token Type: Non-inflationary


  • Community & Incentives: 35% (350,000 STORM)
  • Investors and Advisors: 30% (300,000 STORM)
  • Liquidity: 20% (200,000 STORM)
  • Team: 15% (150,000 STORM)

Fee Distribution

STORM serves as both a utility and governance token. As a utility token, it's used within the platform for services and products. As a governance token, it empowers holders in decision-making and fee distribution. Holders can vote on market openings, cross-chain bridges, and fee allocation.
70% of fees reward liquidity providers, fostering platform liquidity. 30% goes to stakers, encouraging STORM holding and staking.
The model ensures fair STORM distribution, liquidity, and market stability. Non-inflationary design maintains value, attracting investors and users. It supports project growth and success while enabling community participation.

eSTORM Token

STORM tokens come in two forms: STORM and eSTORM. eSTORM tokens have a 6-month vesting period before conversion. Tokens completing vesting are ineligible for staking or revenue distribution.

Staking Mechanism

Both STORM and eSTORM tokens are equally valid in Storm's staking. Staking either token contributes to revenue-sharing. This inclusivity ensures engagement irrespective of token type. 30% of this revenue is allocated to stakers, encouraging engagement and rewarding those who stake their tokens, fostering a vested interest in the platform's growth.

Loyalty Tokens

Loyalty Tokens (LTs) symbolize commitment in Storm's staking. Each staked token earns LTs. 365 LTs double one staked token's weight, with a maximum x3 boost achievable through two years of continuous staking.
STORM and eSTORM tokens can be unstaked instantly, providing swift liquidity reclamation. Unstaking resets accumulated Loyalty Tokens (LTs), prioritizing a frictionless experience.

Practical Illustration

Consider two users: User X (5000 STORM tokens, 1,000,000 LTs) and User Y (7000 STORM tokens, 0 LTs). User X's reward calculation:
  • User X starts with 5000 STORM tokens.
  • 1,000,000 LTs / 365 = 2739
  • 2739 tokens gain doubled weight due to LTs.
  • Calculation: 2261 + (2739 * 2) = 7739 effective STORM tokens.
Rewards distribute based on the currently effective token balances.