🪙STORM Token

Note, that the token itself hasn't been launched yet. This article describes future detail on how the token is going to work.


STORM is a utility token of Storm Trade that has a limited supply of 1 billion tokens and unique utilities, connecting stakeholders, traders and liquidity providers. It acts as a mechanism of liquidity efficiency which helps us capitalise on our resources and offer the best trading experience - as well as returns for those participating in the ecosystem.

Token Info

  • Token Symbol: STORM

  • Total Supply: 1,000,000,000 STORM

  • Token Type: Non-inflationary


  • IDO: 4,2%

  • Community & Ecosystem: 30%

  • Investors: 17,9%

  • Advisors: 5%

  • Liquidity: 10%

  • Team: 15%

  • Airdrop: 3,5%

  • Treasury: 14,4%

STORM Functions

  • Payment of Storm Trade Protocol Fee: STORM tokens can be used to pay the Storm Trade protocol fees.

  • Obtaining Discounts for Protocol Fees: Users can use STORM tokens to receive discounts on Storm Trade protocol fees by locking certain amount of the STORM tokens on the platform.

  • Access to a Private Community (To Be Implemented): STORM token holders will gain access to an exclusive Storm Trade private community.

  • Accrual of Rewards under the Ambassadors Program (To Be Implemented): Users will accumulate rewards through the Ambassadors Program in STORM tokens.

STORM Deflationary Mechanics (UNDER DEVELOPMENT)

We are collaborating with our partners to develop the following deflationary mechanisms to manage the supply of STORM tokens and prevent liquidity spikes.

Liquidity Pool Smart Contract:

  • This will likely be provided by our partner, Ston.Fi.

  • Users would deposit their excess STORM tokens into Ston.Fi’s liquidity pools.

  • Ston.Fi will utilize these tokens, offering them for acquiring and sharing the commission earned with the providers of the STORM tokens.

  • The smart contract suppose to allow for flexible entry and exit times for users.

The users will provide their excessive STORM tokens to Ston.Fi will then use these STORM tokens, offering them to their users and sharing the commission with the users' provided STORM tokens in Liquidity pools. We discuss the potential to make this smart contract possible for entering and exiting at any time.

Locking Smart Contract on Storm Trade:

  • If the liquidity pool implementation is successful, we will consider enhancing a locking smart contract.

  • This contract would help us to reduce the circulating supply of STORM tokens by locking them in exchange for benefits such as protocol fee discounts, increased reward rates in the Ambassadors Program, and other perks.

  • The liquidity pool on Ston.Fi will facilitate market circulation of the STORM token, while the locking smart contract on Storm Trade will reduce circulation when necessary.

By implementing these mechanisms, we aim to create an organic deflationary model for the STORM token, balancing its market presence and providing incentives for users.

IDO and token launch

The launch of the STORM token is coming soon, and we are excited to reveal to you some details about this event:

  • The amount of token for purchase will be 4.2% of the total token supply.

  • Market Makers NFT holders will be eligible for an early token purchase. For each NFT, there will be a guaranteed allocation for a certain amount of tokens to buy. The number of NFTs on one wallet is not limited.

  • The token will launch on three lunchpads at once at a fixed price: Tonstarter, Magic Square, BullPerks.

  • After the initial sale round for whitelist holders, the opportunity to publicly buy the token will open for everyone.

💎 STORM is not just a token. The heart of the ecosystem.

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