🎙️Sharing Trades

Storm Trade believes that trading success deserves its moment in the spotlight, and the Share Position feature lets you do just that.

Whether it's a modest win or a colossal triumph, let the world witness your trading finesse without breaking a sweat:

  1. Navigate to a position you feel like sharing with others

  1. Hit the share arrow. The Share Position window appears:

The options to share your success are:

  • post to Twitter;

  • download as PNG file to your device;

  • copy to the clipboard;

  • generate a deep link for Sharing Trades.

The concept of deep link invites for further expanding on:

A deep link is a specialized URL that can be generated for an open trading position or a limit order. This URL contains all the essential parameters required for replicating the trade. When someone clicks on this deep link, it initiates an automatic process:

  • Opening a TWA (Telegram trading bot): The deep link automatically triggers our trading bot with the exact specifications of the shared trade. This includes details such as the trading pair, direction (long or short), order type (Stop Loss or Take Profit) and leverage.

  • Seamless Transaction Signing: For the user who clicks the deep link, the process couldn't be simpler. They are presented with the preconfigured trade setup, and all that remains is to sign the transaction. This means they can replicate the trade effortlessly, without needing to manually input any parameters.

Notably, the shared position data includes a QR code that holds a [referral link](tokenized\_referral.md). This referral link carries the potential for fee rebates. When a user shares their position and the recipient follows the referral link to engage in trading on Storm Trade, both parties benefit from reduced trading fees. This mutually beneficial mechanism incentivizes sharing and trading participation.

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