🌉Bridging Assets

Welcome to the Storm Trade Bridge. This intuitive feature facilitates the swift transfer of your digital assets from Ethereum to Storm. Here's how to navigate this digital crossroad with ease.

Getting Started

Step 1: Wallet Connection

To initiate the bridging process, you need to connect your wallet. Storm Trade offers you two options:

  • MetaMask: Ideal for desktop users who prefer a browser extension.

  • WalletConnect: Perfect for conecting a mobile wallet or if you favor a QR code-based pairing.

Step 2: Select Source and Target Network

  1. The journey begins by determining the starting point:

  • Open the dropdown menu and select your Source Network, the blockchain from which you're sending assets.

  1. Decide where your assets will make landfall:

  • Use the adjacent dropdown to choose the Target Network where you wish your assets to arrive.

Executing the Transfer

Step 3: Specify the Amount

Clarity is key when it comes to how much you're sending:

  • Enter the Amount you wish to bridge in the designated input box.

Step 4: Input the Destination Address

Ensure your assets navigate to the correct harbor:

  • Use the copy and paste method to enter the Destination Address in the TON network or your chosen target network.

  • Always double-check the address after pasting, especially the first few and last few characters.

Step 5: Transfer Preview

Get a glimpse of the future with an automated preview:

  • The interface will instantly calculate and display the amount you will receive post-transfer.

Step 6: Commit to the Transfer

Every journey has its tolls:

  • Review the Ethereum Gas Fee and the Bridge Fee to ensure you're ready to proceed.

With everything in place, it's time to make the leap:

  • Hit the TRANSFER button to send your assets on their way. “Beam me up, Scotty”.

By following these steps, you can bridge your assets to Storm Trade platform. Keep a keen eye on the details, and your digital value will travel securely from one chain to another. For further assistance, Storm Trade's academy and customer support are at your disposal.

Make the 'cross-chain leap' with confidence — we're bridging gaps and connecting worlds. Happy bridging.

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