🚀Launch Plan

The launch of Storm Trade will be carried out in four phases, each with distinct objectives and opportunities for users to participate and earn benefits.

Phase 1 (Completed): Public Testnet

Experience Storm Trade on TON mainnet during the public open testnet. Trade and deposit with no risk! Get rewards for helping us achieve a production - ready Storm Protocol release.

  • Participate in Testnet airdrop by completing tasks.

  • Accumulate points for airdrop rewards allocation.

  • Complete tasks on Community Bot.

  • Join our amazing community!

  • Get your tokens after TGE!

Please be aware that the testnet phase has already sailed, but the storm is still brewing!

Phase 2 (In Progress): Public Open Beta

Experience Storm Trade on TON mainnet during the public open beta. Trade and deposit funds into the SLP vault.

Phase 3 (In Progress): Market Makers NFT - Your Ticket to the Whitelist

Get a chance to own one of the 5555 unique NFTs from the Market Makers collection. These NFTs provide access to the whitelist—a list of participants who will be given the opportunity to purchase a specific amount of STORM tokens at a fixed price before the TGE starts.

Ways to acquire them:

  • Win in daily tournaments

  • Accumulate RP points

  • Refer friends through the referral program

  • Participate in community development

  • Purchase NFTs from other users on the Getgems.io platform

Phase 4 (Upcoming): STORM Token Generation Event (TGE)

Participate in the Token Generation Event (TGE) of STORM token, which is conducted on fair terms and with transparent pricing on several leading Launchpad platforms.

If you own a Market Makers NFT, use your whitelist advantage to purchase tokens at a pre-set price before the start of public trading.

Estimated date of the TGE: May/June 2024.

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